Work'n on it again.

Well I have been playing more with Rapidweaver. It is a wonderful program...but I do not believe...without a couple of plug-ins it would fall short as a useable application. so my 34.00 app. is now going to cost me 75.00. the first tool you should buy if you want to customize your pages past the standard color changes offered in the theme. Yes I know you can go in and actually replace the files in the theme...but that is a pain..and time consuming.
It is much easier to drag and drop images on to the tool...and wa a button and it previews in rapidweaver. a little to the a little It really is that easy.

Hopefully I can muster up a little of my design education and produce a halfway decent site.....we will see.

Second Post...WoooHooo

Progress is being made.

Well this evening I figured out how to get google adsense in the sidebar along with my webmail and an amazon search box.

I guess I am having a little bit of fun learning how this lil app works. I have only turned on the TV this weekend to eat my meals.
I have either been watching how-to videos online or working in RapidWeaver. Kinda lost track of time.

First Blog Entry on my new Site.

Well this is it. I figured out RWmultiTool. Bought a Theme I liked "Rounded". Both were from MultiThemes. The one nice thing i will say about MultiThemes, they have great customer service. I bought the Theme and Tool at Midnight CDT. I worked with it for awhile having problems getting images to look good when placed. So I sent an email to the Co. I awoke at 9:00am to find a return e-mail with suggested solutions. I tried the first one and it worked. Wow was I happy.

Well I am still playing with RapidWeaver....learning how to use hopefullf this site will update often. I need to learn how to make something...for my business needs a website refresh.

Hopefully I will put up a section for my gardening adventures too. That would be fun.